Avoid Foreclosure In Houston

Avoid Foreclosure In Houston and Stop Foreclosure:

Avoid Foreclosure In Houston


Avoid foreclosure in Houston: foreclosure, defined by Wikipedia, is a legal process in which a lender attempts to recover the balance of a loan from a borrower, who has stopped making payments to the lender, by forcing the sale of the asset used as the collateral for the loan. In Texas there are two types of foreclosure; Non Judicial and Judicial depending on deed of trust or mortgage. Foreclosure in Texas is easy and quick in comparison to other states and within three months the process can be completed. Therefore, if you want to avoid foreclosure in Houston, you need to take action now and not ignore the foreclosure notices that you receive. A couple ways the foreclosure can impact you are by affecting your credit dramatically and having your wages garnished which is even worst. So the main objective would be how to prevent the foreclosure from happening in the first place. You can contact one of our trained local home buyers for a free no obligation offer, or just to get some advice on preventing the foreclosure from happening and learn all your options. We  will explain the options that are available to you to avoid foreclosure in Houston. Learn more about what the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has to say to avoid foreclosure.

When there is no power of sale in the deed of trust or mortgage, the court administers the foreclosure and when judgment is given for foreclosure, the property is scheduled for public auction or sale. The out of court foreclosures are common and lenders give you at least 21 days to make payments before they start the process by sending you a notice. After 21 days they send another notice stating a date they have set to recover the money owed to them.

Below are some tips that will help you avoid foreclosure in Houston. If you are thinking about selling your house quickly, give us a call today.

Avoiding Foreclosure options:

  • Recognize the problem at hand: This is where you realize that the foreclosure issue has to be addressed as soon as possible. The earlier you begin to research the options at your disposal the faster your problems will be resolved avoiding foreclosure. If you wait too long, the solutions available to help avoid foreclosure in Houston reduce.
  • Comprehend loan terms: Understand the conditions and terms of the loan you are taking for your home. Have an understanding of what you are agreeing to before you sign as it helps avoid foreclosure in the future if you are late making payments.
  • Avoid Foreclosure  – Stop Foreclosure Receive and read mail from lender: This is important as they could be warning you about foreclosure. Additionally, they could have tips on how to get back on track to stop foreclosure.
  • Budget reorganization: Losing your home will have a bad impact on your credit and avoiding foreclosure should be a priority. Before missing a mortgage loan payment, reorganize your budget by cutting down on extra expense such as gym membership, entertainment and Cable TV. Even when you think that foreclosure process is your last option, you need to talk to financial counselors and lender who can help you find ways to stop foreclosure of your home.
  • Fast sale: If you want to avoid foreclosure of your home, we have a solution for you. Sell your house fast to our company as we buy houses in Houston for a fair price, in any condition and property that will make a good deal and to get cash, you have to submit to us the details of your home. You do not have to file for bankruptcy as it only avoids foreclosure process for a period. If dismissed, the lender will continue with the process of foreclosure. Call us immediately and stop foreclosure of your Houston home as we will buy it from you in these tight conditions. Additionally, we will save your credit rating and create a short sale where you have little equity for a sale that is hassle free.

So what does this all mean…

Whatever you decide, just try to avoid the foreclosure from occurring. Foreclosure can lead to a downward spiral of bad credit and garnished wages among many other issues, however, if you are behind on your mortgage, may possibly facing foreclosure and need help contact Lennox Home Buyers for free help on how to avoid my foreclosure in Houston.

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