Costs of Selling Your House in Houston

If you’re thinking of selling your own home or what the Costs of Selling Your House in Houston are, then you are probably doing your up-front research and thinking about what expenses you might incur. That’s smart. In this article we’ll review the costs of selling your house in Houston so you know before you start.

Costs of Selling Your House in Houston

Costs of Selling Your House in Houston through a real estate agent:

If you sell through a Real Estate agent (TREC), you’ll incur costs such as 6% commissions and fees, on top of all the regular costs, which is why some people choose not to sell their house through an agent but instead sell it themselves (FSBO). For example, if your house market value is $100,000, then the agent would get $6,000, and you will then pay for closing costs, fee’s, repairs, etc.


Costs of selling your house in Houston on your own (FSBO):


#1. Repairs And Upgrades

Often, the biggest cost associated with selling your house in Houston is the one you didn’t realize you’d have to pay – repairs and upgrades! You see, many homeowners want to sell their house as-is. But many buyers don’t want to buy a house as is!

So, sellers are forced to put a lot of time and money into repairing and upgrading their house just so a buyer will even consider buying it! It’s a home you want to sell, and you don’t want to spend a lot of money on it, and yet many sellers are forced to spend tens of thousands and weeks or months of time on repairs.

#2. Marketing

Another cost of selling your house in Houston is the marketing cost if you plan to sell on your own. This is a cost that most agents will cover themselves (and you’ll pay for it through their commissions). But without the help of an agent, you’ll have to pay for marketing costs yourself. There might not be a lot of costs, or these costs could be very high; it depends on how popular your house is to sell. You need to get the word out there so you might be paying to do so.

#3. Normal Municipal/Legal Fees

Agents charge a commission and fees for their services. And if you don’t sell with the help of an agent then you won’t pay those. However, there are other fees that aren’t associated with the agent that you may have to pay – such as attorney fees, titles fees, closing fees, etc. (It depends on where you’re selling in Texas). These fees aren’t usually very expensive but you should be aware of them so you can budget for them and they don’t surprise you.

#4. Time

One of the biggest costs of selling your house in Houston yourself is not financial – it’s time. If you’re selling your house yourself, you’ll need to make your repairs, market the house, show the house, negotiate with buyers, and complete the paperwork. All of that takes time. And all that time could have a financial cost if you have to take time off of work, for example. So make sure you factor it into your consideration.

So what does this all mean?….

Selling your house yourself lets you save money on commissions and fees while remaining in control of the process. However, there are still costs so make sure you’re aware of them. In Houston, Lennox Home Buyers will buy your house in as-is condition and will pay ALL of the cost and fees. Call now at 713-955-9766 or feel free to fill out the form below for a no obligation offer.

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